On the inside of a Clearblue digital pregnancy test; 2 lines

So you think you are preggers Your boobs are aching, you feel nauseous, bloated and pissy.  It is near that time of the month and for a moment you consider that you actually may be busy baking a little bun in your oven.  You start analyzing your emotions and then you feel sad, then you […]

Corn drill challenge gone terribly wrong

Corn drill challenge gone terribly wrong cost one girl her hair This unknown Asian lady took part in the ‘corn drill challenge’ and failed miserably.  Don’t ever try this at home, especially when someone else is holding the drill.  A strand of the lady’s her got caught on the drill while it was rotating.  Before […]

You will be shocked by what this pregnant lady did

“I’m so pregnant. You already know. I’m in the last month. I can’t even see my toes. I’m so pregnant. Can’t fit any clothes. Don’t ask me the name, I don’t know.” With over 35 million views, “I’m so pregnant”, a parody of Iggy Azalea’s hit “Fancy”, is something moms all over the world can […]

Documentary about ripper-rape survivor coming to South African cinemas soon

Stabbed,  strangled, disemboweled and raped but she survived. The documentary will tell the story of Alison Botha who miraculously survived the unthinkable and her life after the attack.   She was raped, stabbed, strangled, disemboweled and her attackers attempted to slit her throat 16 times to make sure she doesn’t survive.  The documentary launches in South African […]

DIY color changing mug

Who would’ve thought it’s this easy to create heat sensitive, color changing mugs.  You will need a sharpie, porcelain paint, heat sensitive pigment and varnish. Watch the video tutorial by DIY Lover.    

Do-it-yourself super squishy stress balls

Ridiculously cheap and easy DIY squishy stress balls. You will need a balloon and a diaper.  A diaper, wonder how she thought of using diapers for squishy balls.  Some things are better left unsaid, right!?  

Adorable kids explaining the true meaning of Easter

This is too cute.  Two kids name Levi and Lia explains what Easter is all about.  This is a great video to share with your kids.  

Watch how this child without arms play and brush her teeth

What an independent little lady.  We can all learn from her determination and will to do things and she even knows her ABC’s. Meet little Lacey, she was born without arms but that doesn’t stop her.  The little four-year-old does everything other kids do, she just does it differently.  Lacey leads a full life, watch […]

See what happens when you pour water onto an cooking oil fire

You’re making them good old potato chips in your kitchen and decide to wash the dishes with your back to the stove.  Suddenly your eyes, throat and nose start to burn and you see smoke boiling out of your pot.  The smoke takes a matter of minutes to turn into flames.  Here’s what you do […]

21 DIY Photography Backdrops

Who knew it is so easy to create whimsical photo backdrops.  If you are always hungry, make the edible one and sneak some in during the shoot or you could just have some after the shoot. Wax Paper Backdrop via Style Me Pretty   Floating Heart Backdrop via Hank and Hunt   Fabric Backdrop via The […]